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Getting started with Gatsby

Today I regenerated this blog under Gatsby and wrote the previous post. I am not sure yet how to link to that previous post in this markdown file so forgive the omission.

I also pushed the gatsby version of the blog to my bitbucket repo and rewired Netlify to build Gatsby rather than Jekyll. The whole process was intuitive and not at all painful.

I'm liking Gatbsy so far! The process of creating a new blog is nicely integrated and there is really good documentation that I'm going to work through. Right now, I'm watching videos on [egghead.io] to walk me through a basic starting process. They are slightly out of date. Mainly the branch of the hello starter changed from the v2 branch to the defaul master branch. So far it's going really well. I've completed:

  1. Install the latest version of Gatsby
  2. Install plugins for transforming Markdown with Gatsby
  3. Format Markdown files for Gatsby.js
  4. Use the GraphicQL browser to build queries for Gatsby
  5. Create a home layout component with a GraphQL Query in Gatsby

My build has completed and my blog is just a title and a tagline. I'm happy.

Thanks to Taylor Bell who created these videos!